Umag is the flagship of the Istrian tourism and it is often mentioned as a tourist destination with a long tradition and quality offer, ranging from preserved, clean sea, historical and cultural sights to sports and music events like the famous tennis tournament with a long tradition and Umagination that attracts more and more visitors every year. Nearby Umag there are also equally interesting places and varied offer. If you are looking for a quiet place to relax with a touch of old-times, Lovrečica is just what you need.

With its shallow sea rich in various fish and surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, Lovrečica recalls the long-forgotten feeling of peace of the Mediterranean. It is named after its patron, St. Lawrence while her Italian version of the name San Lorenzo di dail. Located near Umag, between the capes Malin and Lovrečica, in Italian named Saltarella for fishing nets called "Saltarelli". Once Lovrečica livedfrom the sea and it still deeply permeates the lives of the residents of this small town. Today it attracts modern travelers who choose accommodation in private houses or in one of the campsites in beautiful surroundings of Lovrečica.

Lovrečica area was inhabited in Roman times, as evidenced by the remains of the patrician villas with remnants of beautiful mosaics, inscriptions, tombs and an ancient cistern. The church of St. Lawrence, existence of which is recorded in the 16th century and during the 19th century there was built a separate bell tower.

The diverse tourist offer includes several popular celebrations during which you can see many customs and taste local specialties.

Visit a St. John`s feast the end of June, feast on berries in late July or feast of St. Lawrence on the 10th of August and enjoy wind orchestra, choir, choral, classical music concerts, fishing contest, card game tournament, volleyball and football, vogalonga, sciavoga, sea games, presentation of indigenous local boškarin.